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Construction Project Manager

Yu-Hsin Tsai

Construction Project Manager


Yu-Hsin Tsai began his engineering career at APEX engineering corp. in 1996 in Taiwan where he was trained and qualified as a site engineer. In addition to developing his technical skills, which included establishing himself in multiple construction projects for airports, oil refinery plants, gas distribution plants, waste water plants, clean rooms, and power plants, etc. within Taiwan area, Yu-Hsin also held several director positions supervising and instructing constructions of multiple public civil projects developed by Taiwanese government.

Yu-Hsin participated in Great Changhua offshore windfarm phase 1 demonstration project in 2020 as a mechanical site engineer, instructing turbine equipment assembly, installation, commissioning and site constructions before handing over to the developers and taking a lead role in a number of power plant construction projects.

In 2021, Yu-Hsin joined GE taking the responsibility as a Permit To Work and Turn Over Package engineer and helping in constructions and expansion for Taipower Chia-Hui and Da-Tan power plants. He has now joined McLarens Taiwan as a Construction Project Manager, dealing with CAR/EAR, Property Loss, Renewable energy, and power plant related loss claims.

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6th Floor, 76 Nanking East Road, Section 2 Taipei Taiwan
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Industry Certification

A species of Lao Wei business executives, confined space operations director, emergency personnel.


Mechanical engineering of National Taipei Industry of Technology, 1994