Social Responsibility

At McLarens, we recognize and embrace the value of diverse and inspired workforce, and strive to create a rewarding, inclusive and caring culture. We support different organizations where we live and work in our communities that address issues of local and global importance. We’re determined to building a socially responsible global business that maintains motivated employees through a safe and professional environment, competitive compensation & benefits, work/life balance, personal development and ethical management.

McLarens takes great pride and values our people. Today our global organization is 2,000+ colleagues strong. Our people come with a mix of skills and talents from different backgrounds and cultures. We strive to recruit, train, and retain top talent through a combination of attractive compensation and benefits programs.

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We reinforce and live our commitment to social responsibility through charitable philanthropy and volunteering of our employees in their local communities around the world. On a global and local level, we provide both in-kind and direct financial support to enable our employees to help organizations of their interest in local communities where we live and work.

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Corporate Governance

Corporate compliance, sound governance and ethical operational practices are central to our business and McLarens’ long-term success. Throughout our global organization, we strive and foster a work culture of accountability, transparency, and honesty.

McLarens is dedicated to establishing a governance framework, which evolves with our dynamic organization, industry expectations and advocates for:

the fair treatment of employees

appropriate standards of conduct

exhibit our integrity and reliability

protection of physical, financial, and intellectual assets

safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and responsible use of data

clear responsibility and accountability for outcomes

To learn more details about our corporate governance policies, please visit our:

• Modern Slavery Statement
• McLarens Global Business Conduct Policy
• McLarens Global Ethics Policy
• McLarens Global Supplier Code of Conduct

Sustainability & Environment

We care about our planet. McLarens’ respect for environment and actions of our employees reaffirm the company’s strong commitment to support sustainable business practices, scientific community, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to address and mitigate environmental challenges within our sphere of influence.

We partner with leading international consultants Sixty7 Green to shape our agenda and approach to sustainability.

There are two key elements of our agenda.

The first relates to our own business process and behaviour.

We are committed to:

• Reduce the use of fossil fuels and use more renewable sources of energy across our organization
• Advocate for and safeguard our planet and its natural resources when conducting business on assignments
• Set and embrace environment friendly policies and business conduct throughout our organization
• Provide our high-quality services in sustainable and socially responsible manner to help reduce our carbon footprint

The second agenda focus is the influence that we can exert through the claims process.

Wherever possible, we will work with stakeholders to determine and influence a sustainable and resilient approach to any reinstatement works, encourage repair over replacement and have waste materials recycled rather than sent to landfill.