Primary School Garden Transformation Day of Service

The McLarens UK Senior Management Board spent the day completely regenerating the school garden for children at Deansfield Primary School. The garden had fallen into disrepair in recent years, so the children were so grateful to have their cherished forest adventure space back to enjoy nature, read books, chat with friends and play card games.


Supporting Brothers Redevelopment to Help Paint Houses for People in Need

Two of the McLarens US Business Development colleagues, Taneal Jepsen-Pickles and Thad Edwards, M.S. joined the Rocky Mountain RIMS Paint-A-Thon event supporting Brothers Redevelopment. The Paint-A-Thon offers older income-eligible or disabled homeowners the chance to maintain their home and increase neighbourhood pride.


Planting Trees to Care for the Planet

The McLarens Bogotá office staff and their families took part in their annual tree planting event with the ASOCIACIÓN ESPERANZA Y VIDA. The group had a wonderful time spending the day in nature and were inspired by taking personal responsibility to build a more resilient future and a greener world as well as raising awareness about caring for the planet.


Supporting The Camillian House For Children with Disabilities

McLarens Thailand spent a day of service visiting and helping children at this special facility at Lat Krabang by bringing food, toys, clothing, wheelchairs, and other daily necessities. We spent a wonderful day and were rewarded with big smiles, hugs and warm gratitude from the children.


Sharing Knowledge with Children at West Haddon Primary School

Gareth Bowers, Head of Major Loss, UK&I, volunteered his time at West Haddon Primary School to hold an interactive session on Natural Catastrophes. The students were highly engaged and enthusiastically peppered him with questions, such as “What’s the strongest wind you have ever been in?” The event was rewarding for all and may have inspired the next generation of loss adjusters.