Success Stories

Hurricanes that batter and bruise



In 2017, multiple strong hurricanes hit islands in the Caribbean causing extensive damage, an overwhelming death toll, and billions of dollars of recovery aid efforts.


Brutal hurricanes caused widespread power loss resulting in difficult or nonexistent communication and damages that left accommodations in rough conditions for locals and first responders. Transportation to/from islands was stalled or completely cancelled.


Since McLarens team members arrived prior to hurricane landfall, disaster planning efforts such as photographing properties and holding meetings to outline protection plans and materials needed were completed with clients. Structures were prepared as much as possible for the impending wind gusts, storm surges, and flash flooding. After the storms passed, McLarens team members were able to quickly mobilise for investigations and already had processes established to manage challenges such as transportation, communications, and response. Service to customers was so well-received, that McLarens officially opened a new office in Puerto Rico in early 2018.