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Senior Deputy General Manager

Bijan Bihari Mohanty

Senior Deputy General Manager


Bijan Bihari Mohanty is in the loss adjuster’s field since last 22 years. He has handled various claims across property, miscellaneous, marine-cargo, liability and casualty lines during his 22 years of experience as a Loss Adjuster. He also has experience in handling CAT loss including Hudhud Cyclone and Fani Cyclone claims in Odisha, Amphan Cyclone claims in West Bengal, CAT Loss claims including flood claims in Kerala as well as West Bengal. He is involved in Insurance Institute of India and the Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors Associations.


  • Damage to stock of insured Himalayan Agency due to Fire: (under SFSP) (USD .24 Million)
  • Property damage of insured L&T Ltd due to Amphan Cyclone: (under SFSP) (USD 1 Million)
  • Property Damage of insured Voltas Ltd due to Amphan Cyclone: (under SFSP) (USD 1.21 Million)
  • Damage to stock of insured Birla Jute Mill due to inundation: (under SFSP) (USD .20 Million)
  • Damage to stock of insured National Bulk Handling due to Cyclone: (under Fire Floater Policy) (USD.20 Million)
  • Marine Cargo loss of insured Dhabani Terefab Limited: (under Marine Open Policy) (USD .15 Million)
  • Marine Cargo Loss of insured Gokul Agrotech Limited: (under Marine open Policy) (USD .12 Million)
  • Marine Cargo Loss of insured ETC Agro: (under Marine Cargo Policy) (USD 2 Million)
  • Marine Cargo Loss of insured S.Kumar: (under Marine Cargo Policy) (USD .24 million)
  • Insured AB Jewels, loss to gold held in trust: (under Fidelity Policy) (USD .19 million)
  • Fraud Loss of insured Axis bank: (under Banker’s indemnity Policy) (USD .5 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Suite# 806, 8th Floor, Diamond Prestige 41A, A J C Bose Road Kolkata-700017
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Industry Certification

Holding Surveyor/Loss Adjuster License for the department: Fire, Miscellaneous, Marine cargo.


AMIAE – Automobile India Association Engineering, Associate from Insurance Institute of India, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, IGNOU, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application.


Additional Expertise

Fire, Miscellaneous, Liability

Adjuster Experience

23 years 2001