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Regional Director Middle East and Africa

David Hitchen

Regional Director Middle East and Africa


Prior to joining the McLarens Group, David spent 16 years at British Airways Engineering where he started his career as an apprentice, obtained his Licenses, and held various roles in line and hangar based maintenance, technical support, operations, and management. He completed an MSc in 2004 and has handled a wide variety of hull insurance claims in particular, specializing in large commercial aircraft and executive jets.


  • Bellview Boeing 737 loss in Nigerian in 2004, Gol B737 mid-air collision over Brazil in 2006, XL Germany A320 loss at Perpignan in 2008, Afriqiyah A330 loss on approach to Tripoli in 2010 with significant cause of loss investigations and wreckage removal / disposal
  • Numerous engineering investigations into gas path component failures in turbine engines, from small turbo prop to large turbo-fan
  • Over-temperature inspections and causal investigations
  • Analysis of flight data recorder parameters to determine sequence of events leading to serious incidents or accidents
  • Assessment of both metallic and composite airframe structures to determine possible repair options and likely costs
  • Failure mode analysis assessment in respect of primary structure and landing gear systems

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McLarens Aviation, Office 120,
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