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Senior Engineering Adjuster

Earnest Valena

Senior Engineering Adjuster


Earnest started his career in civil engineering with Philam Properties in 2001. He was responsible of overseeing contractors for on-going projects of Philam. In March 2003, he joined Philam’s Business Processing Outsourcing company, AIG-BPSI as a fatality claims specialist. Earnest was trained in the US for processing of life insurance claims for AIG policies. Earnest spearheaded the migration of quick claims (claims no higher than USD 25 K) from US to the Philippines. Aside from processing of fatality claims, he also provided support to the call center group dealing with fatality claims.

From January 2005 to March 2008, Earnest assisted several contractors to secure projects and to supervise secured projects. Earnest has also attended construction related seminars (i.e. occupational safety and health seminars).

McLarens recruited Earnest in April 2008 and he has now assumed the appointment of engineering adjuster. In his current role, he is involved particularly on contractors and erection all risk claims on large commercial complexes, plants and factories, infrastructure losses and other major civil works in Singapore and Brunei. Earnest has also experienced in repatriation of foreign workers.

Aside from loss adjusting, Earnest also undertakes Pre-dilapidation surveys and Risk Assessment for existing and new infrastructure projects within the region.

Notable Assignments:

  • Toyo-Maeda JV – Section 1 – Collapsed sea wall – USD13.5M
  • Pay Ah Heng – Section 1 and 2 – Tunneling works – SGD4.5M
  • Ed Zublin (Various) – Section 1 and 2 – Tunneling works – SGD10M
  • Furukawa Electrical Engineering Singapore – Section 1 – Cabling works – SGD4.5M
  • Posco-Kubota JV – Section 1 – Landslide – USD1.3M
  • YCDC – Section 1 – Collapsed wall – USD4.5M
  • Various fire losses in an industrial zone due to civil unrest in Myanmar – USD10M
  • Risk Assessment survey for large development in Saigon Vietnam – Contract USD80,000.00
  • Pre-dilapidation survey for LTA MRT project – Contract SGD360,000.00
  • Pre-dilapidation survey for PUB Tunnel project – Contract SGD120,000.00

Office Address / Contact Information

61 Robinson Road
#09-01, 61 Robinson
Singapore 068893
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Bachelors of Civil Engineering

Additional Expertise

Erection/Construction, Fire, Pre-Condition Survey, Risk Assessment Survey, Worker's Bond

Adjuster Experience

16 years 2008