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Joseph Park



After graduating from University of Toronto (HBSc.), Joseph commenced his career in the maritime claims industry as IOPC Fund claims assessor for the Hebei Spirit oil spill incident in Taean, Korea in 2007 and thereafter, continued to work in the maritime claims industry at Spark International as a P&I Club correspondent. After handling P&I claims for 10 years, Joseph spent 2 years in the Tech industry as a public policy manager for Meta working closely with government regulators & organizations and Members of Korean National Assembly. In 2019, he returned to the P&I industry as Executive Director of Spark International and joined McLarens Korea as a Director.

During his 15-year career, he has handled number of major & high-profile maritime casualties for IG P&I Clubs including the 2 largest oil spill cases in Korea of Hebei Spirit oil spill incident (2007) and Wuyisan oil spill incident (2014). Joseph has extensive experience handling P&I Claims ranging from Pollution damage, Property damage (Berth/Terminal), Cargo damage, Personal injury, Vessel collision, Vessel Salvage etc,. He holds P&I Qualification Diploma, the highest level of the P&I industry qualification program produced by the International Group of P&I Clubs. Joseph obtained Masters of Law (LLM.) and completed the Maritime Law expert research program at Korea University. He is a certified Marine Surveyor in Korea and a registered lecturer for the Korea Coast Guard.


  • Hebei Spirit Oil Spill Incident (Taean, Korea in 2007) – Third Party Liability claims. Total claim amount: USD3.3billion. Assessed amount (USD 330 Million)
  • Wuyisan Pollution Incident (Yosu, Korea in 2014) – Third Party Liability claims. Total amount of Loss (USD 75 Million)


  • The Korea Maritime Law Association (Director)


Office Address / Contact Information

704 Officia, 92 Saemunan-Ro
Chongno-Gu, Seoul 03186 South Korea
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Industry Certification

P&I Qualification Diploma, Marine Surveyor


University of Toronto (HBSc), Korea University (LLM in Commercial Law), Korea University (Maritime Law Expert Research Program - School of Law)


Additional Expertise

P&I Insurance, Tourism claims

Adjuster Experience

17 years 2007