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Technical Director – MENA & South Asia

Joshi Pramod

Technical Director – MENA & South Asia


Joshi started his career as Loss Adjuster in 1997 and worked for 5 years in India. He moved to Kuwait in 2002 and worked with a regional adjusting firm, as a general adjuster handling a wide-ranging portfolio of commercial property claims.

In 2010, he assumed the position of Branch Manager – Al Khobar (KSA) with an international loss adjusting firm handling claims in different classes of insurance.

Joshi joined McLarens in Saudi Arabia in August 2012 as Eastern Province Manager. Later in 2017, he joined the Mclarens UAE as Senior Technical Manager and has been promoted to Technical Director – MENA & South Asia.

Joshi has acquired rich experience in handling claims in various lines of business – Commercial, EAR/CAR, Oil & Energy, Liability, and Marine Port Property & Projects.


  • Printing and Packaging Plant: Fire damage (total loss) to a printing press and packaging factory in Saudi Arabia (USD 31.75 Million)
  • Oil & Energy: Flood damage to contract works – Central Processing Facility, Infield Satellite Stations, Early Oil Facility and Tank Farm (USD 21.50 Million)
  • Marine Port: Storm damage to port property – Breakwater, Buoys, Siltation in navigation channel and basin (USD 15.40 Million)
  • Waste Treatment Plant: Fire damage to the plant due to static electric current (USD 10.30 Million)
  • Marine Port: Mechanical breakdown damage to Quay Crane, Failure of Boom Latch Mechanism (USD 4.2 Million)
  • Oil & Energy: Liability – Failure of Hydrostatic Test, Damage to Oil and Water Pipeline (5.2 km) (USD 2.6 Million)
  • Telecom: Terrorism-Damage to Mobile Telecom Towers (USD 2.50 Million)
  • Automobile Industry: Embezzlement by the sales manager, Manipulation of sales proceeds (USD 2.35 Million)
  • Insulation Manufacturing Plant: Storm damage to factory (USD 2.30 Million)
  • Oil & Energy: Lightening damage to Oil Field Geophysical Survey Equipment array laid in the open desert field (USD 1.50 Million)
  • Metallurgy: Breakdown of Furnace, Leakage of electric current through holding clamps of the electrode(s) (USD 600 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Office 902,
Capricorn Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road
Trade Centre 2
PO Box 30030
Dubai UAE

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Industry Certification

Fellow of Insurance Institute of India, Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters member, ACII - Chartered Insurance Practitioner


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce

Additional Expertise

Political Violence, Business Interruption, Fidelity, Liabilities, Machinery Breakdown, Theft/Burglary

Adjuster Experience

27 years 1997

Language Skills

Arabic, English, Hindi