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Senior Aviation Surveyor

Stephen Tucker

Senior Aviation Surveyor


Stephen has gained a BEng Honours in Aircraft Engineering and is a registered Incorporated Engineer, qualified Aircraft Engineer, and private pilot.

He completed his engineering apprenticeship in the British Army, where he gained experience on helicopters and turboprop aircraft, including a secondment to the British Antarctic Survey operating aircraft supporting scientific research. Responsibility for the aircraft and linking with the state of registration engineering for any needs were a large part of his role. Experience has been gained on a variety of military and civilian aircraft, including both regional and long haul aircraft. He has held engineering project engineer and management positions.


  • Assisting in several major airliner crashes involving the various technical investigations into the cause of loss and aircraft functions and the engineering aspects of the causal details and the review of implemented actions pre and post event
  • Handling a number of high profile helicopter accidents resulting in total losses with values of USD 3 – 4 Million, both in rural mountainous areas and populated built up areas
  • Participated in investigations on high value aircraft engine claims to establish the root cause of failures to rotating components
  • Analysis of multi-agency reports regarding material failures
  • Assessment of extensive structural damage to an aircraft following a major event and managing the repair process of the repairs to a value of USD 15 Million
  • Undertaking the environmental clean-up of incident sites

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BEng Honours in Aircraft Engineering