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Vince Sherlock

Aviation Surveyor


Vince’s aviation career began in 1992 as an apprentice with Flight Refuelling Aviation, which was completed in 1996 working as a flightline engineer on Dassault Falcon 20’s. He then moved to Virgin Atlantic Airways at London Heathrow where became a Licensed Aircraft Engineer, with A340 and B747 type ratings, working on the flightline and then with the Maintenance Rectification Group. In 2008 he also obtained a Rotary Wing Aircraft Maintenance License with an EC135 type rating whilst working for Eurocopter.

In 2009 he started working for a London based company as an Aviation Surveyor and Adjuster and in 2012 moved to their Florida, USA office, covering the Americas region. He returned to the UK in 2016 to work for Airbus Defence & Space as a Maintenance Control Engineer during the entry into service of the A400M with the Royal Air Force until joining McLarens as an Aviation Surveyor in 2023.

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