Success Stories

Prompt response ensures Bride’s big day goes without a hitch



When a kitchen fire caused extensive damage to a picturesque wedding venue in the West Country in early summer, it seemed that a looming wedding reception would have to be cancelled so repairs could be undertaken.


Our adjuster worked with the Insured to look at ways the business could continue to operate following the fire. Plans were composed for a temporary kitchen to be provided and decorative shrouds to be placed across sections of the building to hide unsightly fire damage from the guests.


The plan was successful with the business not only able to fulfil its obligation to the wedding party, but also to local clients during its busiest season, allowing the repairs to be postponed to the quiet winter months. Through the innovative action of our professionals and open dialogue with the Insured and associated contractors, the business impacts were mitigated. As no carefully laid plans needed to be cancelled, the business was able to maintain its commitments, protecting both its income and reputation.