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  • 29th Dec 16

    John Bayley, McLarens Aviation, Explains Cyber Risk in Post Online

    John Bayley, regional director, Europe and Russia, McLarens Aviation, explains in Insurance Post that while cyber risk most certainly brings concern to the public, the aviation industry adheres to strict protocols to minimise risk. To read the full blog, click here.

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  • 22nd Dec 16

    Kevin Betts, McLarens Aviation, Shares Insights on India’s Aviation Market

    In Insurance Day’s 7 November 2016 edition, Kevin Betts, Regional Director – Asia Pacific, shares insights on how India’s Aviation market may surpass the U.K.’s by 2031 due to facts such as the explosive growth of the number of domestic passengers over the past decade. Other attributing aspects include infrastructure, maintenance and repair, regulation, and the […]

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  • 09th Dec 16

    McLarens Aviation: Offering Airworthiness and Regulatory Expertise

    As we look back on 2016 and forward to 2017, passenger numbers and aircraft fleet portfolios are projected to continually grow. Having a trusted, accredited, and highly capable technical services partner is often key. McLarens Aviation is a fully approved EASA Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), with ARC issue and renewal approvals for over 35 aircraft types. […]

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  • 23rd Nov 16

    McLarens Aviation: Specialising in Compliance and Quality Assurance

    Within the multi-billion dollar aviation industry, financial risk is always prominent and for over 5o years, McLarens Aviation has partnered with some of the leading blue chip financiers, helping to ensure these risks are mitigated. Through our own specialist aircraft inspections, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulatory compliance reviews, and Operational and Technical safety assessments, our […]

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  • 11th Oct 16

    Paul Clark, McLarens Aviation, Writes for Plane Talking’s Lead Lines

    Paul Clark, Executive Director, McLarens Aviation – UK, shares insights with JLT Specialty‘s aerospace industry publication, Plane Talking, on emerging themes and challenges facing the aviation sector such as: Rapid Growth Fuel Efficiency War and other uncertainties Cyber Risk Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) To download the full August 2016 edition, please click here.    

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  • 10th Oct 16

    Kieran Gallagher, McLarens, Discusses Challenges for Real Estate Investment Portfolios

    In Insurance Day’s 3 October 2016 edition, Kieran Gallagher, Executive Director of McLarens in Glasgow, UK explains how property investments, although a strong asset for mixed portfolios, can face challenges such as jurisdictional, regulatory, and cultural. To read the full article, click here.  

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  • 10th Oct 16

    New Additions Announcement 2017 Q2

    Please join us in welcoming our new colleagues and congratulating our existing colleagues on their achievements. For more information on our team members’ specialties, please visit their profiles in the Directory section of our website. McLarens USA & Canada New Hires: Charles Klehr, Vice President / Executive General Adjuster (New York) Melissa Brownlee, Marketing Specialist […]

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  • 29th Sep 16

    Post Magazine Quotes Agrical’s Graham Plaister on Farming Risks

    Graham Plaister, an adjuster out of Agrical‘s Tadcaster office, shares insights about farming diversification in Post’s article “New Farming Risks and Their Insurance Implications” on 28 September 2016. Notable topics include: Farming diversification into biofuel, tourism and shops Use of machine-run v. manual functions Effects of animal disease on farmers’ insurance To read the full article, click […]

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  • 27th Sep 16

    Post Magazine Interviews Graham Smart, Managing Director- McLarens UK & Europe

    Graham Smart, Managing Director- UK & Europe, spoke with Post about market challenges, opportunities, and the future of McLarens in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. To ready the full interview, click here.

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  • 08th Sep 16

    John Bayley, McLarens Aviation, Considers Risks of Cyber Attacks

    In the September 2016 edition of Aerospace Magazine, by the Royal Aeronautical Society, McLarens Aviation’s John Bayley, Regional Director- Europe & Russia, shared how significant cyber risk is to flight safety and the systems in place to prevent attacks.

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