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  • 13th Oct 17

    McLarens CAT Response | California Wildfires

    It has been a deadly and destructive few months of natural disasters in the U.S. Following one of the deadliest wildfire outbreaks in California’s history, our team is attentively monitoring updates and offer condolences to everyone affected. Upwards of 2,800 residences in Santa Rosa, California, have been destroyed by the wildfires. More than 191,000 acres […]

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  • 09th Oct 17

    McLarens Spotlight | Airport Property Claims

    Airports are abuzz with activity – 24/7/365. There’s no shortage of hustle amongst passengers and crew, restaurants and retail, or security and aircraft. On a calm day, the urgent environment allows for only minimal roadblocks brought on by inevitable delays. When caused by property damage, a tense environment and unique challenges can arise for various […]

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  • 05th Oct 17

    McLarens CAT Response | Puerto Rico

    Hurricane Maria left the entire island of Puerto Rico in a dire situation immediately followed by catastrophic flash flooding. Residents & responders are continuing to deal with shortages of fuel, lack of power, and damage to telecommunications. Our dedicated team of bilingual and licensed adjusters are working tirelessly, to assess the impact to the Island, […]

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  • 21st Sep 17

    McLarens CAT Response | Mexico Earthquake

    On 19 September 2017 at 13:14 hrs (local), a 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred. The epicenter was in the state of Puebla, some 75 miles to the southeast of Mexico City. We are saddened to report that so far over 200 victims have been reported. As rescue work continues to free survivors in collapsed buildings in Mexico […]

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  • 08th Sep 17

    McLarens CAT Response | Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma is moving north and will have a devastating impact on Florida. Uncertainty still remains for the ultimate path of Irma. Where the storm turns north on Saturday or Sunday will be critical for determining which regions of Florida will be hit the hardest. To manage the influx of claims caused by Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane […]

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  • 06th Sep 17

    Catastrophe Response | Continuing Response to Harvey & Preparation for Hurricane Irma

    In the midst of the continuing devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Caribbean & U.S. Atlantic coast are bracing for Hurricane Irma. Our CAT team responders are mobilized and assisting with existing and incoming claims caused by Harvey’s catastrophic flood disaster and preparing for the influx of claims to follow Irma.   Preparation & Industry Impacts […]

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  • 30th Aug 17

    Catastrophe Response | Hurricane Harvey Update

     Devastation continues as rain and flooding wreak havoc in Hurricane Harvey’s wake due to the storm’s slow-moving trajectory. Although declining wind speed diminished Harvey to tropical storm level, the region remains in a life-safety and life-sustaining situation. Our team of local and national experienced CAT adjusters continue to keep an eye on the destruction and […]

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  • 25th Aug 17

    Catastrophe Response | Hurricane Harvey

    As of Friday morning, Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a Category 2 storm and is anticipated to increase to a Category 3 hurricane by the time it hits central Texas late Friday or early Saturday. Devastating winds of at least 111 mph, 30-35 inches of rain, and isolated tornadoes are expected to impact a large portion of […]

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  • 24th Aug 17

    Catastrophe Response | Typhoon Hato

    On 23 August 2017, passing slightly to the south of Hong Kong, severe typhoon Hato saw powerful easterly winds up to 190km/h combined with a one-metre storm surge and high tides to create significant storm and flood damage in Hong Kong. Crossing the shallow waters of the Pearl River estuary, the winds and the storm […]

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  • 10th Aug 17

    Catastrophe Response | Tropical Storm Franklin

    Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall in the early morning of 10 August 2017 as a category 1 hurricane, becoming the first hurricane in the Atlantic for this season. Though Franklin made landfall in the Mexican state of Veracruz with winds at an estimated 85 mph, it has now weakened to a tropical storm. The main […]

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