John began his career with a period of 15 years in the aviation industry where engineering activities were a daily function of his various roles in the UK with operators and overseas with a major manufacturer. Both diagnostics and solutions were equally relevant in developing his engineering knowledge along with the formal industry qualifications.

In 1998, John joined McLarens, where he was appointed Director of Airclaims – UK.   In handling a large number of complex claims from the aerospace sector, engineering has been combined with claims handling since joining the McLarens group. With responsibility for the London based aviation claims, John has a knowledge base that is enhanced by a team of dedicated engineering and insurance professionals.


  • Several major airliner crashes involving the various technical investigations into the cause of loss and aircraft functions and the engineering aspects of the causal details and the review of implemented actions pre and post event.
  • Analysis of government and independent agency engineering reports into events and circumstances.
  • Significant turbine engine shock damaged items and the investigation of findings and rework needs.
  • Sudden stoppage engineering investigations of rotating components.
  • Heat shock of high temperature material.
  • Environmental corrosion difficulties with operational characteristics and the required solutions and costs.